Why Do Athletes Remove Body Hair? And their Best Hair Removal Methods
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Why Do Athletes Remove Body Hair?

Why Do Athletes Remove Body Hair? | Manscaping FAQ Journal

Hair Free H'Athletes - Although generally considered to be people in peak physical condition, the dictionary describes an Athlete as someone that is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise - pretty loose huh? At Nad's For Men we believe that deep down we’re ALL athletes regardless of your chosen sport - Cycling to Swimming, Bodybuilding to Darts and we say why not show off the body you’ve worked so hard on (well maybe not the Darts bod).


Probably one of the most well-known sports for body hair removal advocates, but possibly not for the reason you think. Many people think that having hairless hamstrings, Shiny Shins and a Glabrous Gastrocnemius protruding from tight fitting lycra shorts will be more aerodynamic and thus shave seconds off your time but this is not the case - well not entirely.

Nad's For Men Hair Removal for Cyclists | Hair Free Athletes

Hair Removal for Cyclists

Here are the real reasons cyclists remove their body hair:

  • Crashing Hurts - Cycling is fast, cyclist crash and gravel rash burns. Wounds heal faster on hairless skin.
  • Crashing Really does Hurt - bandage tape goes on and off bare skin a lot easier (without the need to cry further).
  • Those Tight Shorts - Compression gear ‘pulls’ less on hair free skin - believe us, it makes a difference.
  • More Effective Massages - It’s a well known fact that skin on skin massages are far better for you than through mohair gloves. We think you get the point.
  • Parade those Pedal Pushers - A little bit of self indulgence never goes astray - flaunt those Gastros.

Nad’s For Men Top Tip - Carefree/Hair Free - Shaving is one way to get rid of unwanted hair but the time consuming effort of a hot shower to open the pores and soften to the viscosity of the hair, having two razors (and blades) on the go and the speed at which you have to repeat the cycle (pun intended) can be quite the chore. Nad’s For Men Hair Removal Cream is the answer (and our wax too for that matter).

As a footnote on cycling, it seems that...

there is some truth in the ‘hairless pins makes you go faster’ that folklore is trying to pedal

Common consensus amongst the cycling fraternity is that it’s more mental than physical - being more ‘committed’ to the sport gives you the edge you need to power those pedals. So go ahead, Nad’s that hair off and become the tour de force that you know you are.


Whether around the block or on a marathon, the moment you don a pair of sneakers you are a runner. Much like the cycling it’s more to do with comfort than a sporting edge. Hair helps keep in the heat which can be a runners enemy. With a smooth torso and legs you can put the fun back into Fun run (still struggle with that word combination).

Nad's For Men Hair Removal for Runners | Hair Free Athletes

Body Hair Removal for Runners

Here are the real reasons runners remove body hair:

  • Smell Sweeter - Dirt and sweat is easier to remove without pesky hair
  • Cut down on Chafing - Depending on your size, bodyfat and clothing choice, distance running can rub. Creams are better suited (and easier to apply) to uncluttered skin.
  • Reduce the Rub - as with the above, nipples can be a race stopper. Plasters are easier to remove on a hairless torso - it’s running not torture.


Unless you choose an extreme plunge into the icy cold antarctic water, swimming in an overcoat isn’t the most respected way to slip through water. From Olympians to fitness swimmers, having an extra layer of hair will rarely be an advantage.

Nad's For Men Hair Removal for Swimmers | Hair Free Athletes

Body Hair Removal for Swimmers

Being hair free has real benefits in the aquatic world:

  • Tiny transmitters - It’s been said that the hair on your body can act as tiny antennas and travelling through water can cause no end false and confusing data. Best advice, remove it.
  • It’s a drag - simple physics lessen, less drag more aero (water) dynamics. The catch net of a body covered in air will certainly slow you down.
  • Swim suit application/removal - depending on where you’re at competitively, a tight fitting rubber suit is going to smart on pulled hair.

Nad’s For Men Top Tip – Nad’s vs Shaving - Ingrown hairs can become a problem, even escalating to folliculitis at times (inflamed hair follicles, red tender spots, that can also have a surface pustule).


Cycling, Swimming and Running - it’s a hair raising trifecta combo. Put all you have learnt from the above together and head for the showers with a tube of Nad’s For Men Hair Removal Cream. There is evidently no room in your life for excess hair!

Nad's For Men Hair Removal for Triathletes | Hair Free Athletes

Body Hair Removal for Triathletes


Working out at the Gym (for competition or for fitness) takes a lot of time and effort. Gains can be highly visible which is why there are lots of mirrors in gyms (let’s go with that shall we). Showing off your Muscular Bi’s, Tri’s and Pecs at the gym by using a tight fitting T or muscle vest takes preparation and commitment but all this work can be undone having thick mats of hair protruding from exposed areas. Shoulder and back hair is a no-no, ask anyone.

Nad's For Men Hair Removal for Bodybuilders | Hair Free Athletes

Body Hair Removal for Bodybuilders

The main reasons why bodybuilders are hair free:

  • Shivers - Sweat caked wet hair (wherever it may be) will go cold quickly and look unsightly, pearls of clean water rolling down a perfectly formed and tanned torso is not - the choice is yours.
  • Choice Cuts - A hairless body shows off the definition of cut muscles, it’s as simple as that.
  • Art Unveiling - It gives an uninhibited view of your body art and tattoos - unless you have a 3D forestry theme going on.
  • Tanning - Spray or other, a tanned hide adds to definition a hairy hide hides it.
  • Grunts to screams - as with many sports, you may very well get an injury and need bandage tape. Power grunts are acceptable on the gym floor, blood curdling (or girly dainty high pitched shrieks) from the showers are not.

Since sports and sports people come in all different physiques. However, evidently many share the passion for body hair removal. We hope the above has given you a greater insight into the world of H’Athletes (hairless athletes) and you never know, it may be just the edge you need - although even we struggle to find a reason for a darts player to unrug (maybe you could offer some suggestions?) And please remember; Nad’s For Men Hair Removal Products are with you every step of the way.

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