The 4 perks of manscaping your private parts
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The 4 perks of manscaping your private parts

The 4 perks of manscaping your private parts | Manscaping FAQ Journal

Alright, gents, it’s time to highlight four reasons why you may want to manscape your nether regions.

Whether it’s your first time removing unwanted pubic hair and you’re curious what the rewards are? Or maybe you’ve been doing it a while, but you’re wondering what the best genital hair removal cream is and how to remove pubic hair without shaving—the Nad’s For Men Down Under Hair Removal team have uncovered it.

Reason 1. Manscaping shows pride in your appearance

We know that looks aren’t everything, but a well-groomed appearance—especially down there—shows you take pride in how you present yourself. Using a pubic hair removal cream sends a subliminal message to your partner or potential mate that you want to feel good about yourself while also caring to make the area inviting to them—and research statistics have shown that a clean, well-groomed pubic area is highly desirable.

Reason 2. So fresh and so clean

Not only does a well-groomed pubic region look good, it’s also an important step to preventing unruly pubic hair from trapping moisture. Overgrown hair left unkept can turn into a sweaty breeding ground for bacteria that may produce infections, unpleasant odours and other nasties. A hair-free or well-groomed pubic zone will not only help you to prevent genital infections, you’ll also be feeling clean and smelling your best during intimate encounters.

Reason 3. Heightened sensations

Nad’s For Men Down Under Hair Removal cream is formulated to remove unwanted pubic hair and is one of the best men’s hair removal creams for private parts. As a result of using this depilatory cream, you may experience heightened sexual sensations with your significant someone. How? Well, if a manscaped landscape is a preference for you both, removing the hair down there can only increase intimacy, connection and exploration, which can lead to greater pleasure.

Reason 4. It’s all in the pheromones

Glands in our armpits, navel and genital area release a clear liquid that contains pheromones. If you’re looking after yourself, i.e., eating healthy, not drinking in excess, these pheromones release a desirable scent that trigger attraction, sexual desire and arousal. High pheromones not only encourage attention from others, but they also help you feel more confident and sexually attractive. It’s a win-win!

"Research statistics have shown that a clean, well-groomed pubic area is highly desirable..."

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