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Manscape the Festive Landscape with our Manscaping Kit

Manscape the Festive Landscape with our Manscaping Kit | Manscaping FAQ Journal

The festive season is a time of great cheer. It’s a time for giving; and a time for ‘goodwill to all people’. It’s a chance to bask in the glory of a great year gone by, plus make plans for the one ahead. From the raucous Christmas parties where you shed your inhibitions, to the beach, where you shed your working clothes (or maybe vice versa), the festive season is a time to get out there and mingle - which can mean only one thing, it’s time to manscape with Nad's for Men's Manscaping Kit!

The Ultimate Manscaping Kit

Nads For Men’s top tips for a carefree, hairfree holiday

Christmas Free not Xmas Tree

Let’s face it, right now, beautifully decorated Christmas trees are the centre of attention in any home. Tinsel and baubles mingle joyfully with the pine needles that cover the tree’s strong wooden core, while (for those of you that have been good this year), Santa sees it as a fitting place to leave gifts below - naw. Unfortunately, back and chest hair are your body’s version of pine needles, and no amount of flashing lights, shiny baubles, or ‘gift-wrapped presents below’ will make this look attractive. Get rid of it right now with Nad’s For Men Manscaping Kits, (Body Wax Strips, Hair Removal Cream and Nose Wax).

BBQ etiquette

The tradition of a Christmas turkey at the centre of the table is a timeless one. Of course the oven is your best bet when it comes to cooking, however, if you’re brave, the Barbie is another great option. Investing in a rotisserie will undoubtedly thrill and delight your guests But, and we must stress this, being shirtless and hairy will not. (Plus exposed hair is a fire hazard). So when you’re out there cooking remember this recipe - equal parts of removing shirt to equal parts removing torso hair.

HO HO HO’s not No, No Nose

Sitting down to Xmas dinner means pulling crackers, donning flimsy paper crowns and reading out jokes. Now (aside from the jokes themselves), nothing will stop your puns from being a funny crowd pleaser more than several unsightly hairs hanging freely from under your nose. Nad’s For Men’s Nose Wax will stop you getting any unwanted sniggers, unfortunately not any ‘dad joke’ groans though.

Sleigh bells not Alarm bells

At this time of year, a delightful range of Xmas carols ring out, seemingly from everywhere you go. If you’re lucky; you get to hear the bright and happy sounds of sleigh bells and jingles surround you; from the ‘uncongested’ shopping malls you visit, even to the radio in your car. However, we were surprised to hear that these tunes have the ability to get some people's backs up, causing the hair on the back of their neck (or more specifically; shoulders) to stand on end.

We agree that they do have the ability to irritate and annoy (the hairs not the carols). So why not remove them with Nad’s For Men Body Waxing Strips. Then you can get back to enjoying the sweet sound of ‘angels getting their wings’.

Christmas Cheer not Xmas Sneer

Spending time with friends and family (sometimes these are the same), is what the holidays are all about. These endless sunny days with the odd beverage by the pool, beach, or even at a backyard BBQ, will give you the chance to show off the guns you’ve been working on all winter. But beware, short sleeves and muscle T’s are fraught with danger. Bear in mind that exposed wayward body hair can ruin everything. Our advice, don’t risk it. Make sure you’re properly groomed before stepping out of the house. Oh, and in case you were wondering, body hair isn’t a sun blocker either (just a social one).

Snow Scene not Crime Scene

As work turns into holidays, social media becomes full of glorious landscape images. Picturesque winter snow scenes from the Northern Hemisphere feature reindeer and pistes while downunder; we post the images of crystal clear waters and sun-kissed sandy beaches - don’t ruin the shot with any unkempt body hair. Remember, social media can be a good friend or mortal enemy, go viral for the right reasons.

Jandals not Scandals

No visit to the beach would be right without the correct footwear and we don’t need to tell you that Jandal’s are where it’s at (not Crocs BTW). However, what we do wish to point out is that long nails, and hairy toes and feet are not in keeping with a good summer vibe. A quick snip and a spot of Nad’s For Men Hair Removal Cream will have you wearing your Jandals (Flip-Flops or Thongs for the rest of us!) with pride.

Have a Happy not Hippy holiday

Although lazing around in the sun should be high on your ‘to-do’ list this holiday, don’t be a sloth when it comes to grooming. The 60’s may have claimed ‘the summer of love’ moniker for its peace and tranquillity vibe, but do you really want to be remembered for kaftans and tie-dyed attire, ludicrous beards and platted underarm hair? No, we didn’t think so.

Don’t be naughty, if you really want to make your holiday shine this year, head over to our online store and grab some Nad’s For Men manscaping kits (Body Wax Strips, Hair Removal Cream and Nose Wax), maybe even leave some out for the hairy red guy too - we think Mrs Claus will thank you for it; she’s sure to add you to her ‘nice’ list for next year too.

From all of us at Nad’s For Men, be safe and have a happy ho,ho, holiday!

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